The Commencement of My Biz Blog Journey- Make Money Online and Offline

The idea of creating my own blog initiated from curiosity and peer acceptance. I made a blog to promote a place that I really love, initially. Secondly, another blog has been created to contain my knowledge through articles about business, entrepreneurship and the likes. The first blog proved to be working great, the second, nil.

Blogging is a form or practice that has really intrigued me. It is known to be an online diary where blogger can write their journals comprising of events, either chronologically or randomly and/or opinions, whether harsh or sweet. Little did I know before that it could also provide rewards monetarily just by posting some things. Now, blogs can contain various contents, with graphics, images, videos, articles and any other forms whatever a blogger wants to post.

The creation of this blog,, is derived from extensive research, observations and a whole spice of curiosity. My first blogs were taken into form on the last quarter of 2007. I would say, one is working but the other one is stagnant and stale. And both of them were created from, perhaps, the most popular blog-hosting service provider aside from

And yes, I made money from Adsense. However, can you call below 10 dollars an income for a year? I think, not. It is just probably a reward for a little bit of hard work posting contents, in which, I could even say, are not that much good (some are, though). was conceptualised to continue my journey blogging. And I admit, this one is a serious blog about business, in general and making money online and offline, in particular.

Now, you might be asking about me creating a blog about making money online without much success yet in hovering wealth from online means.

The 8 dollars I’ve made, to date from the 2007 to 2009 of blogging, is I think, my proof that I can make money online. Reading the success stories of bloggers, in whatever niches they are blogging is another proof that creating wealth online is far from being impossible.

And so, this blog would be a medium for me to create wealth online. I can’t expect outright rewards after launching this blog though. Nevertheless, the dream and the realization of grabbing money-making opportunities online has already been grasped and this is through this blog and my blogging efforts.

My journey blogging about making money online and offline begins here…



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