First Steps in Becoming a Licensed Financial Adviser…Hopefully

Just this recent Saturday, I attended a Basic Training Course that would help propel me in ganing a licensure as Financial Adviser. However, the first I would have to undertake is on the insurance side. In other words, I will be selling insurance once I get my license from the Insurance Commission.

It is not an easy feat for it would require time for me to attend the training, in which, by grace and chance, was possible last March 17, 2012.

However, it was just the first part. I need to undergo Basic Training Course 2 which would be for 3-days. Good thing about it is that the training is done for free. If you’d ask me if the company sponsoring the training is legit, then I’d say 100% yes.

But before I divulge a little about the company, I’d have to focus first about the training course in selling insurance.

The first part was really relevant and very helpful to me. Everyday, I learn many things about marketing and selling. Last Saturday proved that I still had manyn things to learn. There are techniques in selling in which I need to know and learn more. I am very grateful of that opportunity.

Also on that training, I learned that telemarketing and cold-calling still have relevance. That’s why there are call centers here in the Philippines. But on the side of a financial advisor or planner, cold-calling is one of the basic steps in gaining prospects. In fact, it is the second step after prospecting.

Well, there are many things that I want to share here but, perhaps, it would be best for another post.

And oh, about the next course, in which I will have undergo for three days, won’t be possible this week. Yes, it will be this week. But because of prior commitments and work, I would have to opt for an online basic traning course, in which the mentor suggested to me.

And the company that I will be working with is the no.1 insurance company in the Philippines today. It has its roots in Canada. I’m sure, you know about it now.


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  1. Great insights kuya! You definitely are the go-to guy when it comes to business and finance. Datu!

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