Guerilla Blogging is the Same as Guerilla Marketing, Right?

I was intrigued about Guerilla Marketing when I stumbled upon that term from a CD brought by my uncle-in-law from Singapore. I though it was a war movie. But after reading the label, the cover of that CD, that term is related to business. That was fourteen years ago.

 I was reintroduced to that term after reading a book in marketing. And the third time I encountered that term, I researched it on the Net.

Somehow, guerilla marketing may still have a correlation with warfare. Just like a guerilla, a guerilla marketer uses tactics surprising his prospects and his target markets that might have the tendency to buy from the marketer after making a short notice of a product or service. Although the probability for conversion rate is not fixed, the possibility of making a sale is not entirely remote.

 A guerilla takes surprise tactics to attack his opponent. A guerilla marketer, on the other hand, utilizes surprises in marketing a product but at a least cost possible. However, the thing about this is the haphazard approach. Without a final marketing plan on hand, a guerilla marketer uses intuition to sell products. And in most cases, the ways are done in trial and error.

But keep into mind that a guerilla marketer utilizes a few resources to market his product and so even if there is a loss, it might not be a big loss in amount. The gain, perhaps, is in the learning experience as this helps a guerilla marketer in knowing the best effective strategies based on the applied tactics.

 Now, taking the guerilla thing in blogging is somewhat obscure to think of. However, there are many bloggers that utilize this concept, this strategy to, perhaps, increase the traffic of their blogs.

 However, in using this strategy, the blogger only thinks of the traffic on his blogging system. To drive traffic to a blog is one of the foremost concerns of bloggers. And using this strategy may do wonders to a blog. But this must be done cautiously. Why?

 There are factors to consider in blogging:


1. Building credibility

2. Building a brand

3. Becoming a magnet to readers and advertisers.

It is like BBB although these factors are not restricted to only three. There are others but these three are important to point out particularly if you utilize guerilla marketing strategy in blogging.

I’d say there is nothing wrong with guerilla blogging. But it is important to do this cautiously especially if your intention is to be among the recognized bloggers in the Internet world.


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