Being too lazy to blog? Please don’t or otherwise…

Do you happen to blog regularly?

Do you always feel like you have to post something today and the next day and that you are bothered when you  didn’t manage to post yesterday?

Do you do content planning a week or a month before posting articles or images or hybrid posts on your blog?

I congratulate you for having that attitude towards blogging. It shows that you are really a passionate blogger and that you take blogging professionally.

But not all bloggers are like that.

Mind you and yes, I am honest about this. There came a point in my blogging period that I was too lazy to post something.

While other bloggers have to go there and find new subjects just so they can create a post for the blogs, in my case, I already have the subjects but I didn’t mind to post something.

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Tips for those suffering from analysis-paralysis

There’s a time of  a day when we are generating too many ideas. Having many ideas may be a good thing. But as they always say, too much is bad enough.

These ideas should be sifted and analyzed but what if too much analysis and doing too many analyzing couldn’t anymore produce what we wanted to happen. We’re then experiencing analysis-paralysis, the condition that thwarts us to implement the ideas because they are too much to handle and execute.

I don’t have a quick-fix for this condition but I have some suggestions that may be helpful for those especially the managers and business owners who are over thinking and have many things in mind to start or execute a hasty project.

To those who suffer from analysis-paralysis, I’d recommend doing these:

1. Let your mind relax and forget all the jumbled ideas, worries and clutters. Amidst the hectic schedules and nearing deadlines, give yourself at least 5 minutes of your time to relax in the middle of the day or even at night or whenever you need to relax.
2. As you relax, feel peace, joy, vitality, love and kindness.
3.Meditate and be passive for another 5 minutes as you close your eyes.
4. As you meditate, focus your attention on breathing. Breathe deeply as you inhale and then slowly exhale.
5. As you open your eyes after the meditation, radiate positive emotion. Welcome the world again with bright eyes, open minds and in relaxed state.
6. Continue your day or night with revitalised energy.
7. Always remember to say words of gratitude.

The 10-minute timeframe in relaxation and meditation is just short. I usually meditate for 15 minutes up to 30 minutes but many mystics can go beyond 1 hour or even more.

I hope my suggestions would help you in a way.

But just a disclaimer, this is not a quick fix for analysis-paralysis and I don’t have scientific study to back its therapeutic effect. But there’s nothing to lose here since doing this is free. You have to spare a few minutes of your time though.

Even if your time is precious, make a point to have time for yourself. Life is more precious than time.

Forgetting I’m a blogger

There are times when I forget I’m a blogger and I’m supposed to publish posts after being invited in product launches, press conferences and blogger gatherings. But many people already know me that I am a blogger and I am one of those who lead a blogging organization and communities. And sometimes, I feel like […]

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How to write a headline and reviews on a food blog

I have recently shared my ideas and thoughts on how to write a headline on a food blog. It compels me to share those ideas after I learned about a food blogger receiving a request from an owner of a known restaurant in Cebu. The request is about removing a negative review of the restaurant […]

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Be like Seth Godin

A to Zen of Digital Business

I often wonder why Seth Godin has lots of fans, subscribers and followers of his blog. But I think it’s stupid of me wondering about why Seth Godin is famous internationally. He is a great online marketer, best-selling author, philosopher and a though leader. I think, if I am really determined to be like him, […]

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List of Winners of the 2nd Cebu Media Excellence Awards

CMEA Social Media Advocate of the Year

The 2nd Cebu Media Excellence Award has recently been concluded. And there are many things to celebrate after all the winners have been announced. My friends in the traditional media especially Cherry Ann Lim have coveted awards in certain categories. My blogger colleague, Nancy Cudis, won the Blogger of the Year award, a category in […]

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Globe releases names of nominees of Cebu Media Excellence Awards 2013

Cebu Media Excellence Awards

Out of the 114 entries submitted, 49 have made it to the final nominations list of the Globe Cebu Media Excellence Awards (CMEA). The awarding night will be held on September 17, 2013 at Cebu Marriott Hotel. This awarding event is in line with the celebration of the annual Cebu Press Freedom Week.

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7 Reasons Why Cebu should be a Tech Hub

Cebu is the second largest city in the Philippines when it comes to importance in trade and industry. Its efforts of becoming the next technology hub is very timely because the city is experiencing an increase of income and number of businesses generated. Why should Cebu be the next Technology Hub? Let us count 7 […]

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Which City in Cebu Should You Put Up Your Business?

  Putting up a business is an exciting venture that anybody can do. Aside from deciding what type of business you should be investing in, it is also important to decide the location where your business will be placed. The Cebu Metropolitan is a very thriving place with great cities to choose from. These cities, […]

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Things to consider in Business Partnerships

Doing business alone might be too difficult for you so you decide to form a partnership. However, you must take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of forming a partnership before giving it a go. Weigh your options When looking for a business partner, make sure that you share the same vision and ideas but […]

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